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Union of Czech and Moravian Production Co-operatives

Residing in Prague 1. Václavské nám. 21

President: Dr. Rostislav Dvořák

The Union is a professional union of production co-operatives operating across the whole of the Czech Republic, which specialize particularly in highly qualified handicraft production and services. Producer co-operatives have a more than one hundred years long tradition and an irreplaceable positron on the commercial market on the Czech Republic. It operates especially in the leather and fur, textile and knitting, chemical and rubber and wood processing industries, in the area of building production, handicraft production and the production of toys and packaging.
The Union of Czech and Moravian Production Co-operatives is a representative of production co-operatives in negotiations with governmental and non-governmental bodies. It represents its member co-operatives in leading international organizations, searches for and mediates contacts of international companies for co-operatives, with the aim of production and business co-operation.
It provides consulting services to its member co-operatives, significantly helps with educating employees, of co-operatives and provides comprehensive information services. It co-ordinates the use of information technologies, in providing services to its members. It pays particular attention to the creation of conditions for activities of producer co-operatives of the disables, which employ handicapped persons and thus besides their business role, they also play a social role. The union also pays a lot of attention to the apprentice education system.


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