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Union of Czech and Moravian Consumer Co-operatives

Residing in Prague 3, U rajské zahrady 3

President: Mr. Pavel Březina

The Union of Czech and Moravian Consumer Co-operatives is a professional association of consumer co-operatives and co-operatives with related activities for the benefit of their development and with the aim of mutual co-operation, operating across the whole of the Czech Republic.
The Union of Czech and Moravian Consumer Co-operatives defends and represents the interests of its member co-operatives in relations with governmental bodies, as well as non-governmental institutions. The Union represents its member co-operatives in international organizations and develops international activities for the benefit of its members, on the level of international co-operative bodies and organizations, as well as in the area of bilateral relations, particularly with Italian consumer co-operatives.
The Union provides consulting services for its member co-operatives, operates in the area of education, including apprentice education, co-operates in the areas of procurement of the material and technical base, new technologies of sales forms, centralized purchase of goods for co-operatives and contributes to the development of common business activities of consumer co-operatives and other co-operative enterprises and facilities of the Union.
Within the consumer co-operative system, there are secondary schools, which provide education mainly in the business field, the area of public catering and economic fields.


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