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Union of Czech and Moravian Housing Co-operatives

Residing in Prague 4, Podolská 50

President: Mr. Jan Vysloužil

Union is professional association of housing co-operatives, operating across the whole territory of the Czech Republic. Their member organizations are housing co-operatives, i.e. those that were established in the post-war period, as well as those that participated especially in the construction of flaks before the First World War.
The Union of Czech and Moravian Housing Co-operatives is an organization which represents its member co-operatives in negotiations with the government, Parliament of the Czech Republic and other governmental and non-governmental bodies and organizations. It is a member of international co-operative organizations and it is in contact with international institutions of a similar type.
It provides information and consulting services for its member organizations, and it organizes educational events for the office holders and employees of the co-operative system. It helps its member organizations with making direct contact with abroad. In order to facilitate its activities, it established its regional offices in all regions of the Czech Republic.


phone: +420 241 430 516
fax: +420 241 434 363
e-mail: scmbd@scmbd.cz
web: www.scmbd.cz

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